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We found fraudsters who sell fake tokens of our project. They go to users in chat rooms and Telegram channels and offer to buy tokens of our project, ostensibly on our behalf. Remember - we NEVER visit other people's chats and telegram channels with offers to buy tokens of our project. Be careful - check the IDENTIFIER of the tokens you are buying.


Innovative Architecture of ASIC-chips

for Bitcoin Miners

The VenusMINE project is a project that develops the most fast architecture of the ASIC for Bitcoin miners in the world with open source code.

Our development of a more compact microchip design is at the heart of this project. Each chip has a fixed surface area. While manufacturing of chips based on the same technical process, a limited number of transistors are placed on a given area of the crystal that make all the calculations. According to our consepts the architecture of our competitors is quite big and it requires more than 50 000 transistors to create one computing core for hashing SHA256 which is used in Bitcoin. Accordingly the area of the crystal of the chip and technologically permissible density of transistors allow them to place a limited number of computing cores on the crystal . Our architecture is more compact and on the same area it allows you to place much more similar computing cores. Which means that at the same clock frequencies our chip will make more calculations than the chips of competitors.

In other words only thanks to new developments in the field of design solutions we can increase performance of ASIC-chips and therefore the entire miner. At the same time its prime cost, energy consumption and heat release will remain at the same level. We believe that under the conditions of stagnation of the crypto-currency market when profitability of mining is practically at the level of its prime cost, such a significant increase in productivity can give a necessary jump for the further development of the crypto-industry.


The miner of our development

VenusMINE VM-B7100.

After the development of the chip, we plan to develop a number of miners of our own design, based on our chips.

We plan to make single-board miners designed for standard power supplies up to 500 W, with a content of 32 to 64 chips. The second most powerful one is a compact personal miner for 256 chips, with a power consumption near 1.8 kW. And the third option is a powerful industrial miner, designed for emirsion cooling, with power from 6 kW.

All technical documentation for the miners developed by us will be available under one of the free OpenHardware licenses.

Source code

core_code test_bench_code


whitepaper press_release


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To invest in the VENUS MINE project you must purchase VENUS_ICO_Token tokens. Our tokens can be purchased at the Waves exchange. It is located at the following addres:




In the left margin of the exchange, you must enter the identifier of our token and select it from the drop-down list below. Once you do this, its name will appear. In the right field of the exchange it is necessary to enter US Dollar / Bitcoin / Ethereum / Waves and also select the corresponding crypto currency from the drop-down list below. After that you will be taken to the page where the orders for the sale of our tokens are placed. Next you need to specify how many tokens you want to buy and click the Buy button. At the end of the purchase your tokens will be in your wallet. To sell tokens you need to put them on sale, indicating their number and the price at which you want to sell them. After that press the Sell button.

If you do not know how to get a Waves purse and how to deposit money to buy our tokens, check out this tutorial video:


Identification of project founders

vetal leha ros

We are in social networks:

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While communicating in the group, please be polite and respect others. Take care of the purity of your and other people's consciousness from stupidity, aggression and lack of culture! Rudeness, insults, the use of an obscene language, spam and other unworthy behavior towards the participants of communication is punished with a ban without warning!